Top 10 Social Media Tools to Use

The most effective marketer is one who knows how to use the latest and greatest social media tools. Your strategy should include this knowledge, so be sure you keep up with all trends in order for it to work effectively! The never-ending list of responsibilities that marketers face these days can be a challenge to stay on top. With social media marketing, customer experience and advertising — it is hard not only for the one doing all this but also for those who are looking after them!

In order to find the perfect social media tool for online marketing, you will need a thorough understanding of your goals and how they align with this specific software. Consider the price as well! Some cheaper options may not offer all that is needed for businesses who have higher budgets in mind. When it comes down to choosing their next marketing partner, on-boarding period can sometimes be necessary, so take note if yours requires one before purchase, but do not let those things stop you from exploring other opportunities available.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a free tool that Google created to help anyone search for trending topics online. Brands use it as a way of monitoring notable things happening within their industry and share information with others on these same interests, which helps them stay ahead in today’s competitive marketplace.

If you want to get a sense of what people are searching for and how their searches compare month over month, year-over-year or even between different regions within your country, then Google Trends is an excellent way of doing so. This tool provides information about which keywords have been searched most often across time as well as providing insight into where those search terms were used most frequently (such things like language preferences). And with YouTube’s Trending tab now coming preloaded on all new devices everywhere in the world — this will provide yet another platform you can monitor when it comes monitoring some popular topics!


Animoto is the easiest way to make videos. It is like using an online video editor that has templates, stock images and a music library all in one place! You can upload your own footage for extra creativity or use what they provide if you want a super simple project without any frills — there are no lengthy tutorials, so it will be up-and running within minutes of signing up.

Twitter Analytics

Are you looking for ways to grow your following on Twitter? A little research can go a long way. Twitter Analytics will show the size of the audience who follows and engages with what you post, which in turn helps get more traffic from them via retweets or shares — all without too much effort!

This can also be seen on Instagram. With Instagram Insights, you can see how often users interact with your posts and at what rate they are performing over time. You may also find out where the audience is from as well as their age range or gender when they are online!


Feedly is a great way of staying up-to date with the latest news, blogs and information. It is also perfect if you are an influencer or have other reasons for keeping tabs on various websites within your niche! Feedly also has features that make it great for content ideation. You can add several of the blogs, writers and publishers whose work you like to one feed, so they are all in one spot with just a click away! The Feedly platform is a must-have for any content creator who desires to engage their audience on an ongoing basis. It has all the tools you need, including Buffer Publish integration that makes scheduling easy and seamless!


Canva is a fantastic tool for anyone who needs to create images on the fly. It makes up part of a great social media strategy and business’s online branding efforts, especially in these times when we all know how important it can be not only to make an impact but keep our brands relevant with what people want from their companies today- beautiful visuals!

Canva is a user-friendly tool for creating great looking social media images in minutes. The prebuilt templates, icons and illustrations will help you make your profile pictures look professional without having to do all the hard work! Canvas has an easy drag and drop interface plus two million graphic elements that are ready when needed — making it one-stop shopping whether it is marketing on Instagram or Facebook page design.


Photography is a huge part of marketing and Unsplash makes it easy to find beautiful photographs from around the world. On Unsplash, the photos are free, which means you can use them without worrying about attribution or credit! You might even end up finding your next favorite photographer here too, so explore everything that is available today on this amazing site — there really is not anything like it out there yet.


BuzzSumo is a super-tool that lets you find the most shared content and trending influencers. With it, analyzing which subject or domain performs best for any topic becomes easy as pie! You can simply search “keyword” on their platform—it will show all sorts of insightful information, including how many times each piece has been viewed on various social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, among other things.


Buffer is an amazing social media tool for business owners. It has all the tools you need to plan and schedule your posts, save hashtags easily with minimal effort or time wasted on looking up new ones every day, help tell stories through Instagram Stories, including creating templates if needed.


An alternative to Buffer, Hootsuite is a social media tool that can be helpful for someone starting out in the world of marketing. It has an easy interface and allows you to manage multiple streams at once, which makes it perfect for syndicating content across many channels on Facebook or Twitter!


SEMrush is a social media tool best known for its SEO and competitor research capabilities. This website will help you identify keywords to use within your content in order to improve your content marketing strategy, as well as provide information on how other people are marketing their products or services through different channels, like Facebook ads or YouTube monetization strategies that can be applied at little cost with very low risk factor when compared against traditional methods such as landing print advertisements which often require large investments.

Final Take

Social media management is an important part of building your brand, converting leads into customers and driving more sales. If you are ready to take your business or personal page on social networks like Facebook and Twitter up a notch, then now might be the time that will help get things started with some strong tools for managing these channels plus others.

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