Top 10 New & Updated Google My Business Features for Local SEO

Google recently announced some significant changes in Google My Business (GMB) platform. Most of these changes are permanent and will allow Google My Business to be more user-friendly. These new features for GMB can help you attract more users and grow your business presence online.

Here are the top 10 new and updated features in GMB, which you must start using today for better rankings. If you run a local business, you need to be aware of these updates to get the most out of the platform.

  1. Multiple Locations:

This is a significant new feature that Google has introduced for local businesses to expand their reach online. With this feature, businesses can manage multiple locations simultaneously from one dashboard. By setting up your business information once, you don’t have to repeat the process for all your locations. If you want to add a new location, simply click on the plus icon next to the name of your business. From there, you can fill in all the information for your new location(s). You can also add photos, menu items, and other details from this page.

  1. Listing Creation Tool:

It’s a new tool that allows businesses or local SEO to create new business listings. This should make it easier for business owners to add their own local listings, rather than asking a third party or relying on do-it-yourself solutions (Joomla!, WordPress plugins). This new tool is found in Google My Business Console.

When you create a listing in Google My Business Console, you can now choose to auto-fill your GMB details from your website OR enter them manually (there’s a choice). This is currently available only for sites that are verified as yours. The goal is to help you create more accurate and up-to-date local business data in Google My Business.

  1. Business Page Label:

The update allows businesses to see their Google+ local business listing (i.e., “My dentist’s profile”). The page label will appear both in the Google+ local business directory and in search results.

This is great for local businesses that want to find out how they are listed on Google+. If you have an established profile, your page label should already be visible. The update allows small businesses to know what kind of information is being displayed for their business listing. The new page label will show up in Google search results if your business has a Google+ local business listing.

  1. View your Business on the Google Map:

It shows you a map with the addresses of all business locations (s) that have enabled this feature. The map shows approximate location coordinates (lat long). The address information is provided by Google and not verified to be accurate for your local area. However, note that enabling this feature will reveal your location to the public. It is essential when entering addresses as one incorrectly entered character will make a search for your business impossible.

  1. Add & Edit Businesses:

This update allows you to add and edit your business locations that are listed in GMB.

Do you need a Google My Business account? Yes, you need an official GMB account for the SEO boost of your local business listing. But once you have an official and verified website address (URL), you can do all the management tasks for your website, including managing your Google+ Local page, through GMB. You can edit or add more information to your GMB listing, such as filling out new details about your business and uploading images.

  1. Edit Multiple Details:

With the new update, you can now edit multiple details about your business or add additional information to it at a single go through the Google My Business dashboard. Login to the GMB dashboard and click on the gear wheel icon located next to your business name. From there, simply click the edit button, and you will be able to select multiple options under the information tab, such as address details, phone number, website, etc. Now make changes to them all at a single go by clicking on the save button. This way, you can easily add or modify any business details with ease directly from the GMB dashboard.

You can now enter your business name and address details in the Google My Business dashboard and then publish it live on Google Maps instantly with a single click from the dashboard. Earlier, all these details had to be entered online using the Google Maps website or Android app, which could take some time before they appeared on Google Maps.

  1. Google Maps:

Maps link now automatically appears on your GMB page. Previously you had to add a link yourself if you wanted one, but most businesses with a physical location still do not have this setup. However, the map icon is a vital branding feature, so it’s advised to get in there and add it.

It’s quite easy to add the map after you’ve claimed your Google+ Local page. All you need is a website with an address, phone number, and business hours. You can also choose what kind of map you want: satellite or hybrid. Once this is done, just make sure it appears below your photo on the Google+ Local page.

The map is a great way to show the location of your business and improve click-through rates, as well as providing direct access to your company info on Google Maps. In addition, you’ll gain some control over how your listing appears on different devices: desktop, laptop, and mobile.

  1. GMB Listing Quality:

Several new attributes have been added this year, including; Restaurants open hours, outdoor seating, accept credit card payments, take reservations, and being wheelchair accessible. These attributes are mainly to help Google better understand the quality of your listing. Suppose you already have these data values filled out on your GMB. In that case, it is a good idea to keep them updated so that when customers search for restaurants with outdoor seating, credit card payments, or wheelchair accessibility, they find your restaurant first.

  1. GMB Listing Availability:

Google has added a new attribute called “Listing is available as a free service” to your business listing if it’s not claimed. This means that your entity has the option of showing up in Google Places, along with other eligible businesses for free using a Smartphone App or by searching on You will see this attribute in the bottom section of your GMB if it has been claimed and no changes have been made to it lately.

  1. Google+ for Business Pages:

Google announced earlier this year that they’re creating a new centralized place on Google+ where users can interact with businesses. This is an easier and more intuitive way for customers to connect with your business. Use this new tool as another platform that you can use to talk to existing or potential customers about special deals, events, discounts, etc.

Google My Business is one of the best tools for local businesses to administer their online presence. The features mentioned above can be used to increase your online visibility and reach out to customers who are ready to buy, making you more money and helping build your reputation as an authority in your industry.

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