The Complete Guide to Microsoft Advertising for Small Businesses

Microsoft Advertising is a great way to diversify your advertising campaigns and capitalize on pay-per click advertisements directed towards a specific audience. You won’t have any problem finding potential customers with 1 billion monthly visitors in just about every corner of the World Wide Web! Microsoft Ads are a great way to reach potential customers with your product or service, by targeting keywords that search engine users may use. The ads can be placed at the top of results for highly sought after terms and phrases associated with your business model — helping people find what they’re looking for more easily than ever before!

Microsoft Ads’ keyword research tool is a great way to find the keywords that fit your goal. You can target broad keywords, localize them by adding an area code or state name and focus on specific phrases like “buy mobile phone” in order to answer questions you have about products. It’s also possible to get creative with how much time someone has available per day; set up advertising budgets based on this estimate while completing other tasks throughout the work week–and pay when they click! It’s all about where your ad shows up in search results. The higher you bid, the better the chance that people will see and click on it first!

What are the Costs of Microsoft Advertising?

The cost of Microsoft ads can vary depending on the demand. A keyword that is not used as often might have a lower CPC, while an industry-specific term may be more expensive to advertise with than others in its niche. There are many factors which determine how much you will pay for advertisement space within one of these advertisements — from what keywords or phrases people type into search engines like Google when they want information related specifically to your business model; all the way down through some pretty specific demands made by advertisers themselves and their unique needs concerning ad targeting options (such as age range).

Why Should You Use Microsoft Advertising?

It is important to spend your advertising budget wisely so that you can get the best return on investment. Rather than sinking all of it into one SEM campaign, try spreading some out across different search engine advertising platforms like Google and Microsoft ads as well as social media ads for an even better ROI!

Bing may not be as ubiquitous and widely-used as Google, but it has its own following with a 2.71% share of the worldwide search engine market, which translates into more than 1 billion unique visitors monthly who can see your ads on Microsoft Ads! If you’re interested in funneling more traffic through your ads, Microsoft Ads is an option worth exploring. These platforms offer many features and benefits for advertisers as well!


You’ll only pay for what you can afford, with less competition on Microsoft Ads than Google. The average CPC is about 33% lower overall and there’s a larger audience, so this could be an issue if your campaign sizes are small or highly specialized needs arise that would require more customer visits before being satisfied by one advertisement.

The downside to using these platforms, is traffic quantity will most likely remain low even after making adjustments, because both PPC providers attract users differently depending upon their goals (one targeting people searching specifically within its marketplace while another specializes primarily in ads placed across many sites).


Google is the undisputed king of search engines, but Bing has been steadily gaining ground. The next time you make a Google query and see results from both Microsoft’s browser or email service in addition to those on their own networked products like Windows 10 for example — don’t worry about it! That integration helps them out by bringing more people into that demographic who are likely higher-income earners than most previous users (and less niche). Microsoft has found that most of its Bing searchers are 45 to 54 years old and earn an average household income of over $100,000. This gives them a lot more money than Google users who tend toward the 18-44 range with lower earnings on average.


The Microsoft ad network is a powerful tool for advertisers. It includes MSN, Yahoo and Bing as well as third-party websites to help you reach your audience effectively! Facebook ads will appear on their social media platforms, such things like news feeds or video feeds, but also in the marketplace’s right column by using photos of products being sold alongside them which kindles interest even further, so people want what it has available now.

Is Microsoft Advertising Right for You?

If you want to boost your sales, advertising networks are the way forward. However, it’s important not only to do research into which network will work best for what industry but also be mindful of demographic differences: luxury products and services flourish on Microsoft ads while finance spots go well with Yahoo Finance or Bing respectively due — in part-to lower competition from these search engines than Google’s high rankings.

How to Create a Microsoft Ad Campaign?

Microsoft Ads is the best way to get your message across. A campaign can be started in just six steps, and you have full control over how much money it costs! If managing campaigns isn’t for you then hire professionals who will take care of everything for an affordable price — they even offer financing options so that no matter what financial situation arises there’s still room on this ride towards success.

Create a Microsoft Advertising Account

You can now sign up for an account on the Microsoft Advertising site by clicking that button in the top right corner. If you already have one, just log in and verify your email address with a code provided once registering!

Choose Keyword Themes

With the right keyword theme, you can reach your target audience and gain more customers. For example if I had a cookie-shipping business that wanted people to buy cookies online then they should use themes like “cookies delivered” or ‘ship it by mail with free shipping’.

Write Your Microsoft Ad

Microsoft Ads provide a form for you to fill out so that they can create your first ad. The character counts below each field will tell if the limit has been reached, and like Google Ads, there is an upper bound on line two which stands at 90 characters long — just enough space!

Set Your Budget

Microsoft Ads offer an estimate on how well your keywords and industry will do. From this, it also estimates how many clicks you may get based on average click-through rates that can be set as high or low a budget (it depends on what kind) with the monthly max shown below.

Add Payment Information

Add your business name and address information. On the next screen you’ll fill out a payment form to prepay for advertising dollars or post-pay after clickable ads are created on our platform with this secure URL linking back here, so we can charge it automatically when somebody does something interesting like signing up!

Monitor the Success of Your Campaigns

Microsoft Ads recently changed its interface and the new look is more modern than in the past. From here you can tweak your SEM campaigns, increase or decrease budget to create a new ad campaign that’s tailored just for me before studying analytics of my previous one, so I know what works best!

Final Take

Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) is the perfect platform for luxury and service-based businesses that want to reach high income earners. It’s easy enough for anyone with an internet connection, even if you don’t have any experience!

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