How To Find Guest Blogging Websites: 10 Easy Tips

Guest blogging is a way that bloggers can promote their blog and business while also networking with other bloggers. Guest blogging has been around for decades, but many people don’t know how to find guest blogging websites or get started. With these ten easy tips for finding guest blogging websites, you can learn how to create a guest blogging campaign that gets results.

What Is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging refers to the process of writing a blog post for another website. You might be writing reviews, sharing your expertise, or even doing an interview with someone else. Each guest post will take time, but if you are promoting your business or just want to grow your audience, it can be well worth the effort and investment.

How Do I Find Guest Blogging Websites?

Finding guest blogging websites doesn’t have to be difficult when you know what kind of work you want to put into it. You might start by looking at sites that offer some type of contact information on their “About Us” page or through Google searches of related terms such as “guest blogger.”

When you’re looking at sites to write for, try and check out the site owner’s credibility and readership so that a relevant audience sees your work. Your hard work can be wasted if nobody reads or endorses what you have written. To avoid this, you may want to look at other blogs on the same topic of interest as yours to see how popular they are before joining in with a new site.

How Do I Get Started with Guest Blogging?

Once you’ve found some potential guest blogging websites, it’s time to get started writing. It might take some research on your part, depending on whether or not you are writing about an experience you’ve had in the past, but once your information is gathered and written, it’s time to submit a draft.

Once you have found some sites looking for guest bloggers, head to their contact page and send them your blog post. It’s best to email several different sites at once to increase your chances of contacting one of them. Once you get a response back from a site owner or editor, they will probably want to see what topics you would be interested in writing about before they decide whether or not they will allow you into their guest blogger program.

How Much Should I Write For These Websites?

How much content an expert will add to the website depends on how many posts you can write per month for them. In most cases, you will be writing at least two articles per week. The amount of time it takes to write a blog post depends on its length and the number of pictures you want to include with your article.

Should I Write For Multiple Sites At Once?

Yes, many people try different guest blogging sites to get different audiences and gain more recognition for their business. Just make sure you are not overbooking yourself to complete all your work on time and keep up with networking. You will want to post updates on your social media sites and give credit where it’s due if you use other people’s content in your blogs.

How Many Sites Can I Write For?

In general, you should only write for one or two sites at once, as it can be hard to juggle more. You might be able to do more if you are a professional writer and have the time to commit because you can switch between multiple sites faster than someone who needs a little bit of time between each site. It’s also best to start slow until you get momentum going on your guest blog posts and established yourself as an expert in some niche.

How Do I Get Approved?

Getting approved for a guest blogger program is not always easy because of website owners’ high number of inquiries. Start by creating a draft article to send in with your inquiry. The article should be well written and proofread before you send it to show that you can do the work they want. You might also want to include a bio about yourself for the site owner or editor to see who you are and some relevant experience.

How Do You Get Paid For This?

The payment for guest blogging depends on the site that you are writing for. Many sites will pay by article with a certain amount per word or by the number of posts. Also, remember that most sites will not pay for their first post, so make sure you are willing to write an article before getting paid. The other way to get paid is by receiving advertisements on your blog, but waiting for the money can be difficult depending on how popular the website is and how well you write about your topics.

How Will I Know How My Posts Are Doing?

Taking the time to promote your guest posts is important because it shows that you are serious about writing for other websites and networking, and gaining an audience. After you’ve written a few guest articles, you should create accounts on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Google Plus so that you can post your articles directly to them. Another way is by searching for people talking about the website you are posting on so that you can comment and join in their conversation.


How Do I Get More Recognition?

Guest blogging is a common way to get your business, brand, or blog noticed because it allows people who don’t know you to see what you have to offer. It can also increase your blog readership, which will help you get more visitors and pageviews on your website. The easiest way to gain recognition is by writing popular blogs about trending topics in today’s world or posting interesting content that people want to talk about.

Your best opportunity for success is by writing for higher-ranking websites relevant to your niche or blogging style.

What Can I Get Out Of Guest Blogging?

Guest posting is great for getting recognition, but don’t forget about the other benefits as well. You can build relationships with website owners and become connected with them in different ways. They also have access to your blog, which means they can link back to your content easily. Writing for other sites also provides you with a chance to see how different people write articles, find out new information about your niche, and learn from others in the industry. Keep an eye out for blogs that have good SEO because the more traffic you get from their site, the more exposure you will get for your own.

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