Driving Traffic to Ecommerce Store: 10 Ways

If only it were as easy to get people coming in droves, ready and waiting for your products! Unfortunately, you’re going to have to do a little more work. Fortunately there are plenty of resources out on today’s market which can help drive traffic towards our website so that we may convert them into sales. When luring traffic to your e-commerce store, imagine dropping links as the way to get people following you home. Every link that’s placed on social media, in press or any other form of media is a step forward for getting customers towards their destination: buying from us! While not everyone will buy it right away, some may be converted into loyal followers who visit often and spend more money than before because they know where all things are at when looking online.

Whether you’ve just launched or are an old hand at eCommerce, the goal is to increase traffic so that customers will purchase your products. There are many ways of doing this with social media and SEO being two major ones among others, but there’s no one size fits all solution because every person has their own personality which shouldn’t be ignored when trying these tricks out! Starting an eCommerce company can be daunting, but it will all make sense when you know how to work on your online store. The first step is attracting traffic and making sure people find out about what they have available for sale through social media posts or other advertisements that might interest them in the product line as well!

SEO Keywords

To increase the number of visitors to your site, both people who are looking for you and those coming from Google should be able to find it. To ensure this happens, make sure that all content on your blog as well as in search engines like Yahoo! has keywords throughout, so they can easily pinpoint what type if information or product owners want more of: There’s no better way than having thought-out keyword use when creating posts about products with varying topics because customers will easily discover them by typing these words into their browser bar while browsing online stores — don’t forget taglines either!

Social Media Strategy

Social media is a great way to get your product out there and make an impression. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter now allow you the opportunity for people across all corners of this planet (or at least their followers) see what they have on offer! It might be worth looking into these sites if eCommerce seems like something that could work well with your business model — advertising through social networks can help generate more traffic which may translate into sales downunder too!

It’s not easy to get started with eCommerce drop-shipping. However, if you have a product that will sell and an idea of how it can benefit people, then social media is the way to go! Facebook now allows users in your niche or category to upload their own posts which they’ll be able to promote on Instagram as well- great tool when designing advertisements around what products are popular at any given time.


People love freebies. If you offer them the option of winning something for nothing and, in return, they just have to share your social media page or sign up for an email list–a good amount will do it! You might as well give out a prize while getting followers on Facebook; more people who see what we’re doing could be tempted into joining us themselves because everyone loves free prizes nowadays (especially if said promotion comes from our favorite brand). And giveaways don’t even need expensive marketing campaigns: word-of-mouth alone can increase awareness like never before when paired together beautifully by design experts. Your eCommerce store is going to become known which in turn, will drive more traffic and better rankings for you.

Reward System

Along with giveaways, your reward system is another good way to gain traffic. In this case, you ask people who tag each other or recommend them to sign up for a website using a code from a friend to get points and, once they reach a certain point number, they get rewards such as free shipping on ordering only two items. This will encourage more customers to sign-up because they want something valuable when their hard work pays off!

Email Marketing

So, you have managed to gather some traffic by doing giveaways and rewards. You might even be on the edge of an online shopping craze with all this hype! But if your email list is less than stellar, then here’s what we recommend: start using their addresses-send them exciting offers or simply let them know about a product they may like through regular updates from time-to-time via email, which will make sure that when someone visits their site again (and because we want everyone saved at every opportunity), they check out your products as well.

Mobile Optimization

Do you want to be a successful business? Keep in mind that potential customers might give up on your site if they can’t easily find what they’re looking for. So, keep the layout of eCommerce stores mobile-friendly and ensure it loads quickly! Search engines also consider accessibility when ranking sites, so having an accessible website will help increase its rank as high as possible.


If you want to find out what customers think about your product, then running polls and surveys is a great idea. Customers will answer questions honestly while also offering them incentives if they share the poll with their friends! This helps businesses understand which products are hot so that promotion strategies can be adjusted accordingly — turning an area of weakness into a strength for business growth overall.

Power Words

Power words are the key to getting your customers excited and interested in what you have written. Your blog posts should use these powerful phrases that will make them want more information from where they can go straight over to a website!


It’s no secret that social media influencers are at the forefront of all things digital. If a certain celebrity says they like something, chances are their followers will be interested too! You can pay these popular people to promote your products and eCommerce store on different platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat Stories where you could give shout-outs by mentioning them in posts amongst other stratagems I’m sure you’re aware of already (ping backs). Famous bloggers might create blog posts linking back directly from those stores, which helps drive traffic right into your website while also helping it rank higher when searched through Google; This way, more customers end up finding what they need without having to spend hours browsing around every other site imaginable.

Regional Promotion

First, find out where your website’s most popular regions are. Once you’ve determined this information it will be easier for us to tailor a campaign around these specific areas and generate more traffic from them! Say that the US is currently at the top of its game when it comes to statistics on who visits our site–we can create posts talking about all things America related, so they’ll get excited by what we have going there first before learning more elsewhere in their own country or abroad.

Final Take

The beauty of blogging for ecommerce websites is that it can be done on a budget. Not only does regularly publishing your blog attract the perfect audience, but you will also find yourself with an authority voice in any niche and driving evergreen traffic to all aspects of business.

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