9 Common Google My Business Mistakes to Avoid

Google My Business is a wonderful tool to let customers know what you’re up against, but it can only do so much without the knowledge panel. Your KP should be chock-full of useful information that will keep people interested in your business and come back again for more! Google My Business, popularly known as GMB, is a free tool or website offered by Google to make our businesses more visible. Your potential customers can easily find your business details with this tool, which makes it easier for them to find what they are looking for and take the next step towards making contact with you!

Creating a Google My Business account is one of the best ways to make your business stand out in today’s digital age. With this free tool, customers can check timings and reviews before they visit you while also learning more about what makes it special — from images or videos on their page! Google My Business is a great and easy way to make your small business easily visible on the internet. Even if you don’t have much time, it’s worth taking into consideration local search engine optimization because many people struggle with setting these things up! There are various ways that an account can get blocked or suspended though, so we need to take care while creating our GMB accounts themselves in order to avoid any issues like this happening later down the line too.

Unclaimed listings

When you do not claim your GMB listing, there’s a question of how you will manage it. You can suggest edits on address and phone number but cannot upload photos from any customer as well as create Google Posts or reply to reviews by customers while unverified with no assistance from the Google My Business team (which means that they won’t be able to help either). The risk of another company coming in and either claiming your listing or editing information is high. If you don’t claim it, then Google could hook you to the wrong telephone number and website for this business when they go looking for a new customer with similar interests!

Closed businesses

If your business shuts down, please be sure to mark it as permanently closed. Marking this will present a better user experience and help potential customers avoid wasting their time on an inactive or abandoned listing. In Google My Business dashboard, listings are filtered out if they are marked “closed” following validation from the platform so that these do not appear in map packs like online search results pages (SERPs).

Missing information

When you have not checked on your GMB listing in a while, there is a chance that important information could be missing. This may include hours of operation and URLs for websites or phone numbers to contact the business with if necessary. Your customers will eventually go elsewhere if they cannot reach out and connect with someone at your location, which means no one gets any new customers!

Incorrect information

When potential customers arrive at your location only to find you are closed, it is a much worse situation than having no information. In this case, not updating hours will lead them to worry and confusion about when they might be able to visit again for their product or service needs, which could upset almost anyone.

Map pins

Map pins are often overlooked, and most of the time, in the wrong place. Map pins at a shopping center’s end or middle don’t help potential customers find your location if you have one of those up programs on their phone that takes them around town showing all businesses along with an arrow directing where to turn next!

Ignored reviews

Reviews are one area that business owners mess up the most. For starters, some of them don’t reply to customer reviews and, be it positive or negative, this shows potential customers you care about their views, which will deter them from going elsewhere! Make sure you always have a polite response ready if someone leaves feedback on your page so as not to discourage future buyers with useless comments like “I love how helpful he was!”

The best way to handle negative reviews is by remaining calm and polite. Let the customer have their say, then take feedback away from them, so you can use it on improving your business in future transactions or communications with other customers who have also had bad experiences.

Questions and answers

It’s easy to get upset when you have received a negative review. But, the best way is to remain calm and polite while taking feedback from your customer so that they feel heard, which in turn will improve their experience with future transactions or communications with other customers who have also had bad experiences of yours!

Google makes it possible for business owners to post their own questions, so they are advised to post the ‘frequently asked questions’ you get. If users can get information from your listing without having to call in questions or speak with customer service, then this will allow them to focus on the individual in front of them who needs assistance instead!


A picture is worth 1000 words, but sometimes it’s not enough. Photos are important to have on your Facebook or Google+ page because they can help people get more information about you in seconds than what other sites might show them with just an overview of how good-looking you may be (or aren’t). If there only seems like one photo posted online for this company — which happens all too often- then new visitors will automatically go elsewhere before spending time finding out who these businesses really are.


Users are now able to edit the “located in” featured on Google My Business. To verify that your GMB shows the correct location, you simply need to do a simple search and be aware of which store or mall space has been listed as an “address” for customers looking up where they’re located at any given time!

Final Take

A Google My Business audit is the key to success if you want your business to be successful. Check and search for any issues that might affect it, such as low listing performance or poor marketing strategies, in order to fix those problems now before they become too big of an issue!

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