5 Social Media Trends That Should Inspire Holiday Marketing in 2021

The holiday season is fast approaching, but that does not mean the social media frenzy has slowed down. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have big plans in store for us this year to change how we see them forever! From becoming “meta” on their own platform (Facebook) all over again with new features such as threaded conversations; it’s clear these companies aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. And don’t forget about TikTok who just announced they were launching an influencer marketing campaign too.

The Christmas season has come early this year, with Black Friday Cyber Monday officially kicking off the festive period. It’s expected to be an important sales event that will set up competition for all other major shopping days of 2017-2018 throughout December and January. You should take advantage before it gets too crowded! Preparing for your online store’s grand opening event should be treated like any other big job. You need to start well in advance and prep every aspect of the process, so you can ensure success on launch day!

On-brand Stories on Social Media

Instagram and Facebook stories are becoming popular because they allow users to enjoy the interactive content without having an actual app. Social media isn’t all about posting photos anymore; today, people use social networking sites as sources for news updates or short videos in addition to sharing images from their lives—a trend known as “storytelling.” Stories have grown exponentially since Instagram first introduced them last year, with more than 500 million daily active accounts on Snapchat’s rival form of multimedia messaging (stories). This means that if you’re not already doing so now would be a great time to get started! The best way to show your customers that you’re human is through stories. Stories are an opportunity for the business’s voice and personality shine, which can create associations with things like Black Friday Cyber Monday in this hard economic climate of ours today!

Video Content Strategy

If you want to get noticed during the holiday season, this is one way. A study by Mention reveals that people engage with Instagram feed videos more than image carousels and Facebook videos are better for driving views and engagement compared to photos on either platform. It can take longer but in terms of quality storytelling attention to detail even if they’re short clips will bring store visits which isn’t bad given how competitive online shopping has become these days! The golden rule for any marketing campaign: don’t hard-sell. Your audience knows you want their business, and they’re not going to buy from you just so that they can feel guilty about it later on — even if this means giving something in exchange for time or money! In the content world, entertainment works best as an option; education will depend on what exactly is needed (and how much effort there’s been put into creating said item).

Personalized Meeting

Personalizing your advertising efforts is the first step towards ensuring that you stay at the top of customers’ minds. When they’re not being personalized, many are competing with other brands to win their attention which can be difficult for one small company like yours!

Retargeting is a form of targeted online advertising that allows brands to present personalized offers in exchange for users on-site behavior. Retention can be increased, new clients acquired and even competitor’s customers are at risk with retargeted campaigns! When it comes to retargeting ads, just because a visitor hasn’t clicked on your ad yet doesn’t mean that they’re not going to. If the conversion is low, and you don’t see any improvements with certain copy or design changes then be patient! Keep testing new variations, so keep trying different things in this area too for good measure when exploring what might work better than others online.

Passive Content Consumption

The average Facebook user has only shared one post in the last 30 days. If you’re looking for a more engaging social media strategy, then it’s important that your posts have a clear purpose and value regardless of whether they get reshared by others!

It’s not as easy to monitor conversations across Instagram Stories, LinkedIn or TikTok as it is on Twitter and Facebook. This can skew your insights, so search analysis should be used in place of public content for more accurate data about what people are privately thinking.

Listening to your peers is the best way of discovering new information and opinions, which will help you make better decisions. When it comes down to trust in a company or product review from someone we know can be more believable than brands themselves- user generated content wins hands down! According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, consumers are more likely to listen and believe what their peers say than the brands themselves.

Pinterest and E-Commerce

Pinterest is an increasingly popular social media platform with more than 150 million active monthly users. The image-sharing giant has just announced its latest updates to the shopping features on this site, providing new opportunities for merchants who want their products seen online and in front of potential customers all over the world!

One such update includes a Slideshow Tool which automatically collates your inventory into one cohesive slideshow — giving you plenty of space (and visibility!) when showcasing multiple items at once. It also gives consumers easier access because they can view these pictures side by side rather than separately, like before. Right away, there are no longer any surprises or disappointments about what certain pieces look and feel. So, the number of unpleasant surprises is less.

Pinterest’s latest updates are designed to strengthen brand connections with consumers. For example, the platform now allows merchants to display their values like “responsibly sourced” or “inclusive.” Additionally, users can discover these brands through sponsored idea pins that show alongside the Paid Partnership tag; similar features exist on other social media apps such as Instagram Stories and Facebook Live posts, which also contain commercials for companies looking to advertise directly within those streams.

Final Take

Whatever you decide to do for your holiday marketing campaigns, keep customers in mind. As long as you know their needs and pick up some tips suggested here—you can create beautiful content that’ll have them hooked! It’s all about creativity so don’t be afraid; put together an awesome campaign because nobody wants to miss out on this season’s hottest deals. Social media is a great way for businesses to engage with their customers, but it’s also important that they do more than just reactively respond. Social accounts need an informative tone of voice and offer value in order to keep people interested long enough so that those who are less active can see what all this fuss is about!

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