20 Local SEO Metrics That Every Local Business Should Be Tracking

Keeping an eye on your SEO metrics can feel like trying to keep up with the changing winds. With algorithms, competition and ever-changing search engine moves every day it’s hard not to get blown off course by anything–which means you need regular reports for guidance!

There are so many things that could affect how well we rank; from changes in algorithms (Al) or creating poor quality content (#content wins). To make matters worse: new strategies emerge daily making our jobs even more difficult than before while still having less time left over just because everything takes longer these days… and if all this isn’t enough there will also come times when Google has completely rewritten their entire web search.


A successful SEO strategy is one that incorporates high-quality backlinks into your site’s efforts. When compared to sites with less powerful links, those who have more authoritative domains will be ranked higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). Monitoring new developments and tracking how each domain influences ranking position or visibility can help you optimize for success!

Bounce Rate

Ranking websites depend on how well they’re received by visitors. A high bounce rate can damage your ranking and leave you with less traffic — but there are ways to combat this problem! Knowing the reasons for leaving early will help determine what needs improvement, such as content quality or navigation design.


Conversion rates are an indication of how your content is converting. If you’re noticing that the conversion rate for one specific piece has not increased over time, then there may be room to improve its effectiveness in attracting visitors and potential buyers–or even just tweaking some aspects, so it becomes more appealing than before.

Conversion rates show what people want by showing them where they can get it; this allows marketers with limited budgets or resources at their disposal to know which areas need improvement when attempting to increase market share through increasing customer acquisition costs (CAC).


This metric is important because it shows how many people clicked on your organic results. This means the attention of potential customers and future clients is drawn in by you, which will eventually result in increased revenue for businesses like yours if they stay afloat!

Customer Reviews

Google has two different algorithms for organic and local searches. The algorithm that is used to rank businesses on Google My Business can take into account both positive and negative reviews, which makes it important not only your ranking in the local snack pack but also how many 5-star ratings you have had from customers who visit this listing page of yours!

Domain Authority

Building a powerful website is crucial to success in SEO. The more authoritative your site, the better you can rank on Google and attract customers organically through their natural browsing patterns with reliable information that meets their needs.


Google Analytics is a great tool for staying on top of things. Without tagging your events (phone calls, form submissions, views to contact/location pages) you are unaware what drives business and traffic at all — rankings alone won’t help if people aren’t converting into customers!


The way to get ahead in local SEO is by paying attention to the engagement rate. This isn’t just important for ranking on Google, but also encourages interaction with your audience which can lead them down the path of becoming loyal customers and even spreading the word about how great you are!

Keyword Ranking

The click is a powerful tool that can tell you about the searcher’s intent and interest in your product, service or area. If someone clicks on geo-targeted keywords, it suggests they have an accentuated need for something local instead of just localizing their general interests, which was previously unclear from Google search data alone since there were no specific keyword targeting terms shown before this update last year. The fact that people submit forms or purchase items after clicking opens up opportunities like measuring how long users spend navigating through pages while viewing content online as well!

Local Search Rankings

Using local SEO to promote your products and services locally can be a great way for you to reach customers who are searching in their area. Local results often have higher rankings than national ones because they’re tailored specifically towards people looking exactly what was offered by the company or person submitting them, which means these types of searches will produce more sales opportunities!

Phone Clicks

When it comes to the most important part of a business, phone calls are usually right there. So having metrics like that in your report can give clients not only an idea as to how their businesses stack up against others but also what they need to improve on for next year or certain areas where improvement isn’t necessary because those things tend to be profitable enough already!

Top Exit Pages

The last pages that people visit before they leave your site are often an important clue about what causes them to lose interest in it and the changes you can make on these specific pages.

Website URL Views

Optimizing your CTR is important because it tells a lot about the quality of organic keywords you chose. If people are viewing and engaged with what they find on their screens, this means everything has gone according to plan! But don’t stop there- now would be an excellent time for optimization when making page rank adjustments in order to make sure all efforts were put towards achieving high rankings rather than low ones (which will increase bounce rates).

Total Impressions

Local businesses should compete with other types of media that local companies like to use by pulling impression numbers. This allows them the opportunity for accurate marketing against their competitors and gives customers peace-of mind about where they’re getting their information from.


You can’t afford to fall behind in the search engine rankings. Without reliable SEO, your business will be left up for grabs when prospective clients turn their attention away from you because they are being fooled by low-quality listings that don’t provide them with valuable content or information about what exactly it is about these companies makes them stand apart from others who also offer similar products/services but without providing any benefits other than pushiness–which simply isn’t enough anymore.

Average Page Load Time

A slow website is the worst, and we all know it. The data shows that page load times have a severe effect on bounce rates, with research from Google indicating an increase from 1 second to 6 seconds, which results in 106% more people leaving your site without buying anything!

Related Search

Tracking brand awareness via search volume is a great way to see how well your company knows their own product. If you’re running an online store, the higher traffic from people who only type in “brand name” means that they found what they were looking for and didn’t need any help finding it!


With a better understanding of your true cost per conversion, you’ll have an easier time figuring out how much money is being made and where any potential problems may lie. A lot of businesses don’t really understand these basics which can lead them down the path to failure.

Google My Business Insights

Google My Business Account Clicks & Impressions show the interaction and visibility of your business in these map packs. You can use different tools like Yext or Bright Local to see this kind of metric!


A website’s growth funnel is a complex system of tasks and goals. The main goal, leads are the fuel that moves this machine forward by bringing in new visitors who can become customers down the line–clicks or impressions don’t matter on their own but add up over time to tell a story about how you’re growing as an organization.

Final Take

Keeping an eye on SEO reports provides valuable insight into whether our efforts were successful over recent times; knowing where improvements need doing gives us confidence moving forward because now you are armed knowledgeably with potential weaknesses ahead.

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