10 Tips For An Awesome And SEO-Friendly Blog Post

Writing an awesome blog post is not easy. You need to know what keywords to use, how long the article should be, and what point you are making. Furthermore, there are a lot of other factors we tend to ignore. Optimizing SEO features in your post is a lot like optimizing other aspects of the page. You want to be sure that there are enough keywords to catch the attention of search engines while making sure that the article doesn’t include any unnecessary SEO factors.

Most people write their articles based on what they’re interested in. However, it’s best to write based on what you think your audience will be interested in most of the time. For SEO purposes, you’ll want to include popular and relevant keywords to the topic of your post (you can figure these out by using keyword tools, which are usually free). You don’t want to overuse these keywords, but make sure they’re included enough times for search engines to notice.

Since Google will drop any meaningless words, make sure that none of the repeat words are unnecessary. Most people only include their most important keyword once in their post. But, if you want to optimize for SEO factors, include them a few times throughout the article (but avoid overdoing it).

Images can be the best way to grab your reader’s attention. But, to optimize for SEO, you want to ensure that the image is relevant and has an alt tag (which should include your keyword). If you are not sure how to create one, consider hiring a professional writer to do it for you. In addition, the image should be included in your post and not just linked to it.

Here are some tips and tricks you can follow:

  1. Plan The Post:

You want to write an awesome post, but you have no idea how to start? Planning the blog is the first step that many bloggers often forget when writing a post. Start by brainstorming something interesting that will capture your readers’ attention. It can be a story about yourself, tips on starting your own business, or simple hacks that will make your life easier.

  1. Know What You Are Writing:

Before you start writing, you must know the blog’s purpose and who your target audience is. Knowing these will help you write a post that will satisfy your readers. If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then plan on doing some research until you do.

  1. Structure and Format:

Writing an article helps to have a structure or format in mind before you start typing. You can easily lose direction, and your readers will not get the message that you are trying to convey if you don’t know where you are going. Once you have a plan for how the post should be structured, you can start writing each section and know what to include.

  1. Writing An Awesome Title:

A good title draws a person’s attention which will result in more hits on your blog. Think of an interesting title that also describes the topic matter of the post. Your readers should be able to tell what the article is about from the title.

  1. The Opening Paragraph:

When writing an awesome blog post, you need to capture your reader’s attention right off the bat. Make sure that they know what your post is all about in the first paragraph. If you are not able to do so, then they will stumble away.

  1. Be Specific And Clear:

Many articles have a generic tone that is all over the place. If you want to write an awesome post, make sure that your writing articulates what you are trying to convey clearly and specifically so it doesn’t confuse your reader or bore them. You don’t need to be fancy or use flowery words when writing to make your point unclear. A simple sentence will do just fine.

  1. Making It Interesting:

Writing an interesting article can be done by sharing information that not everyone is familiar with or knowledgeable about. People like reading new things, so they will take an interest in the topic matter of the blog post if you include something different from other articles they have read. However, you should not overwhelm your reader with too much information. Keeping the article simple and easy to follow is a key lesson your readers will learn reading an awesome post.

  1. The Conclusion:

When writing any blog post, always include a conclusion or summary so that your readers can easily find what you are trying to convey in the first place. You can also ask a question, so it seems like the voice of the article has been answered by yourself. This method is helpful when writing blogs because people don’t want to research for themselves. They want someone else to do it for them! That being said, they will be more likely to click on links if it was in a question form.

  1. Length Matters:

You need to realize that not all blog posts are the same length, so you must know the estimated time your writing will take and stick to it. If you exceed the content limit, then readers will just scroll down to the bottom, where they can see how long a post is before they read it. Try and write 3-4 paragraphs at most when writing any blog post on a topic that does not require so much explanation or detail. If your readers detect something from an article, they will come back for more because they want more information about what was discussed in a particular blog post.

  1. Speaking The Language Your Audience Understands:

Do you want to know what it takes to write an awesome blog post? Then you make sure that your readers can understand and follow what you are trying to say. We all learn in different ways, so there is no one way of writing for every possible audience out there. Some people like reading long sentences with many words, while others like short sentences.

You will have more hits on your website if you speak the language that a larger number of people understand rather than focusing the attention on those who already know about what you were talking about in the first place.

Search engine bots crawl the internet every day, looking for information to add to their database. This includes websites and other online platforms (blogs, social media profiles, etc.). Since search engine algorithms change frequently, it’s hard to know exactly how they read each piece of content. However, those mentioned above are some factors that can be pretty much guaranteed to help your site out.

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