10 SEO Trends You can’t Ignore in 2022

Search engine optimization is an essential tool for any company that wants to reach their customers online. The SEO you know today will likely not be the same in a few years, and staying up-to-date can seem like too much of a challenge!

Stay up-to-date! Google changes their algorithms regularly, so it’s important for you to know what they’re going to throw at us in the coming years.

Semantically Related Keywords

Google has changed the way they look at search engine results. Instead of just analyzing strings of words, it analyzes your query and tries to discern a user’s intent from the context in which you used certain keywords or phrases — this means that if more logically related ones are given through specific queries, then these will be better for ranking!

Google’s BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) algorithm uses machine learning and natural language processing to understand what the users are searching for. It breaks down complex information into a simpler form, so that even those with no technical savvy can easily access it.

Core Web Vitals

John Mueller, one of the top Google CEOs, recently said that you must meet all three Core Web Vitals benchmarks to qualify for a ranking signal boost. He later told me about an experiment where they showed badges in SERP showing sites with faster page loads and higher rankings than others — this could be how your site gets noticed if it’s getting lost between two identical listings!

Google calls it “pogo-sticking,” and you don’t want your site to be the one doing jumping. It hurts SEO rankings — which can easily translate into missed opportunities for new customers or additional revenue streams from other sources such as affiliate marketing programs.

Long-form Content

Blogs are used to provide informative content for users. This is why they want the information on your blog page to be well-organized and have additional links that lead them into other related pages about their interests or similar topics, which can help give them a more immersive experience with what you’re writing about! It’s no surprise that when you want to show off your expertise, the best way is with long content. This makes perfect sense because it’ll help ensure users know more about what they’re reading than anyone else in their field and also helps achieve higher search rankings for this topic area on Google or Bing — so not only does quality matter but length can really make a difference!

Video Marketing

YouTube has over 1 billion users, so if you aren’t creating video content, it is time for a change. Videos are more popular than other forms of media and, as such, should be optimized accordingly. Make sure that your channel description clearly communicates who can find their way into watching what they have planned without being too keyword heavy in order to not only attract viewers but also hold them longer once they are engaged with an advertisement or thumbnail preview by clicking play!

In order to optimize for YouTube, you need the right keywords. So, if your video topics fall under a certain category on their auto-complete feature, and they show up when typing in search terms related to that particular subject, then this could be helpful!

Mobile-friendly Websites

With Google’s mobile-first indexing, the search engine will consider your website as “primary” instead of desktop. This means that most people will use their phones solely for accessing websites in 2025, and it needs to reflect this new reality if you want them back!

You can increase the user-friendliness of your website by making sure Google bots are able to crawl all pages and interact with lazy-loaded content. The right Meta robots tags will ensure that both desktop and mobile versions have similar information, so it won’t matter what device users visit from or which one they’re using at any given moment! To make a site friendlier for human visitors as well as search engine crawlers such as bots (Google’s robotic software), be certain there aren’t any barriers in place preventing access on either end.

Featured Snippets

Featuring a snippet is the way to get on page one of search engine results. Rich Snippets include images, product prices and star-based reviews for your website’s products or services that are being looked at by potential customers who have an interest in what you offer them. They steal massive traffic from competitors, which helps both searchers and businesses grow exponentially through increased sales conversions!

Internal Linking

Internal linking has been a vital part of SEO for decades, and it’s easy for Google to use XML sitemaps, but users don’t know how. Their lack of use of this technique ends up making them navigate from page-to-page instead of finding what they’re searching for within your site!


Artificial intelligence is changing the way we interact with online content. It’s influencing search engine optimization and marketing strategies, too! The RankBrain algorithm, which grew a few years back–plays an important role in Google’s ranking factors for SERPs. So, how do you optimize your SEO? You need to engage and captivate readers with valuable content that is well organized! An on-page tool will also assess page strength based on readability as well as links from external sources such as social media sites or other websites linking back to themselves. Now is the time to research & apply artificial intelligence software for your keyword optimization, content writing, reporting and anything else you can think of.

Voice Search

According to ComScore, over half of smartphone users engage with voice search technology. Consider your keywords while optimizing for this emerging market! Users mostly put long-tail queries and look for specific answers when they use a computer or phone that can understand them; thus it is important not only in content marketing but also on the website itself how you write copy, so people don’t get lost among all those words.

EAT Principle and Branded SEO

Google is still all about quality content. You can refer to the EAT (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness) principle when ranking a webpage on Google search engine results pages in order for it to be considered valuable information that will lead visitors interested in your product or service more easily than others without such sites where they may have had difficulty finding what they were seeking out before coming across yours by chance.

Final Take

Finally, you need to get creative with your SEO. The days of just optimizing keywords and Meta titles are long gone! Much of what worked years ago may not work today; but that doesn’t mean it’s time for a full-on metamorphosis either–you still have some key components in place like voice search or video optimization (if applicable). With current trends shifting so quickly at any given moment (like through conversion rate metrics), staying up on rankings should be everyone’s top priority because if they don’t keep striving then someone else will snatch away their clientele before too much longer. The only way your company can be successful in this competitive market is by staying on top of the latest digital marketing trends. You should constantly experiment with new strategies and test what works best for you personally, but it’s also helpful if other businesses do too!

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