10 Link Building Tools to Use

Build your links the right way, and you can rank higher in Google’s search results. The more high-authoritative sources there are linking to your website or content on other sites, the better it will be when people go looking for what they need online! These factors all play into how well (or poorly) a page ranks during their searches — but with careful planning and hard work, over time, everything becomes achievable through good link building along with some other SEO techniques too.

The best link-building tools make life easier for you, but they don’t directly build links. They are a necessary step in the process, however time-consuming it may be! Building quality backlinks can mean more traffic to your website and less trouble down the line. Get these right domains by looking at who is linking out of context rather than just building off other sites’ PRs alone — this way there won’t ever need another update or announcement about anything on our end because word will spread naturally through people who want what’s good enough already anyway.

Personal Content

Google the keyword you want to rank for in the search engine. Explore your first two pages and make notes of what they’re showing you, especially any titles or descriptions that catch your eye!

The best way to be an exception in your niche is by writing blog posts that are better than any other. When you put this keyword into Google, they will show a box with similar questions and answers while also including their own top picks for what’s relevant at any given moment (their algorithms). Include people’s questions within yours too-it can help give them context about where certain ideas came from!

Social Media

Outreach is a craft in and of itself. It takes a special touch to really get it right, so you can try using social networks as an introduction to your outreach efforts by friending people who may be willing to contact you for quotes or other opportunities down the line!

Social media is an easy way to make friends and get backlinks for new websites; we can even use these networks as introductions when sending emails or talking with potential clients about their needs! So go ahead — post on social nets like Twitter or LinkedIn right away, so others know what’s up before they miss putting on your content.


Do you know how hard it is to find email addresses for companies and websites? Hunter makes this simple. Plug in the company name, and they’ll show every available contact! It’s perfect whether you’re an expert or novice.


The thought of reaching out to new prospects is daunting, but Mailshake has got you covered. If your biggest strength is content creation then they’re ahead of most companies in terms of providing outreach software that will help promote their website and business. For $44 per month — which includes templates like customizable email campaigns with link building tips or guest blogging ideas- this service can’t be beat!


Buzzstream is a social media management platform that offers many features and integrations to help marketers with their campaigns. The starter plan costs $24 per month, but you should consider getting the growth option because it has cheaper rates for users as well as phone/email support along with other benefits like performance reporting on your page views or hashtag mentions!


Ahrefs is a great tool for website optimization and SEO. They have audit tools, keyword tracking software with SERP rankings as well! What’s even better? Ahrefs has two additional features that can help you build links too — Site Explorer and Content Explorer analytical databases in their database to identify websites linking back to yours, which bring more traffic through natural anchor text while also suggesting keywords they might want stated on those sites when writing articles about similar topics or industries.

Site explorer is a great way to see what your competitor’s website looks like. You can use it as an easy tool for analyzing and understanding how they work, which will help with any future attacks on this site or others in their industry. The Ahrefs team makes these tools so simple by providing metrics about the link profile alongside images of those links — giving you valuable information right when you need it most!

Content Explorer is the perfect tool for anyone looking to write quality content. With it, you can research topics and find opportunities within them by time or traffic; as well as see metrics on your findings, such as whether people who visit those links also sign up for email updates about new posts in that area of interest — all from one place!


A lot of the time, journalists have to rely on a source for quotes. HARO is that and more: it’s completely free! Signing up as an expert in your field means you will receive emails from this website every time they need an answer or quote from someone with knowledge about what it’s like working there.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a tool for professional marketers. The pricing of Majestic’s services can be similar or different from Ahrefs and SEMrush, with their cheapest plan costing $49.99/month while others cost more at various price points up to five figures per year (which would require an annual payment).

Majestic SEO has recently added a new tool to their arsenal, the Link Graph. The link graph plots out all of your links and competitor’s too with clear visualization for where they lead you or them! You can also look into any content on this map thanks in part to what sites are linking back to it — giving us more insight than ever before about who owns certain topics online right now.

Check My Links

Check My Links is a browser extension for Chrome that can be used to find broken links on your own website, as well as any other webpage. It’s completely free and has been designed with one purpose: finding those pesky error messages, so you don’t have to! To use it simply go into the options’ menu in Google Chrome or pop up the bar in the top right corner of the desktop screen.

Guest Post Tracker

Guest Post Tracker is a great tool to help you build your link portfolio. It’s like having an SEO team on autopilot! The website will be able to find relevant websites that take guest posts and put them into categories for easy browsing; this way, no matter what kind of niche or topic area interests you, there’s likely someone at the other end willing (and waiting) to publish their work with little effort from yourself!

Final Take

You should always do your research to find the best tools for you. It’s important that they are easy and quick, but also something affordable so as not to be too expensive in general or a one-time payment only type situation where it could become difficult if needs change down the road!

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